ISLES, collective novel

Thomas Huntington
Zeb Rodgerson

Rachael Morrow
William J.A Darlington
Gabriel ‘ArchAngel’ Ehijie
Jay Wayward

A cursed town where the rain never stops is on the brink of a slow death. Visitors at a luxury hotel fall victim to a sinister political plot. Running from a nightmare, a retired firefighter must escape himself. To save her own life, a woman considers an invasive procedure. An accountant discovers a world beyond the end of life. A family returns to find that everything is just as it should be – but nothing is the same.

ISLES is more than an anthology collection. A selection of stories weave together to create a narrative collage connected by theme and image. Drawing from different corners of the globe, these writers all present a unique angle when tackling the same subject matter. Together, combining different interpretations that resound in a complete narrative that forms one deep and collective inner journey.